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Thanks for visiting our site. Cold Creek Retrievers is a family owned  training and breeding facility.  Building confidence and drive in dogs is an important part of shaping both a good hunting retriever and family dog.  Whether you are looking for your dog to be trained as a hunting partner or just have some obedience training, We strive to build on your dog's natural ability and perform at their full potential.   One training method isn't going to work for every dog and each dog develops at their own pace, so we tailor our training program to the individual dog. Our goal at Cold Creek Retrievers is to lay the foundation needed to ensure your dog has the tools to maximize their potential. 


We take great pride in breeding the best quality labs to ensure that you receive a top quality dog whether it is for Field Trial/Hunt Test, hunting companion or simply another member of the family.



My name is Holly Toy and I have always had an interest and passion for  training dogs.  I adopted my first dog from a local Animal Shelter when I was in my early 20’s.  Sebastian was a high energy lab that  had no structure and no obedience established in his life.  I enrolled Sebastian in an obedience class at Anne’s Country Club for pets, we went through the first 2 classes and the Trainer at the time basically said that Sebastian couldn’t return because of his hyperactivity and his constant barking.  This dog literally ate a pager, chewed through the door in the bathroom and also chewed through the backseat of my car all the way to the springs.  I read books, researched online on how to train dogs and worked daily with Sebastian. He ended up being one of the best dogs and still has a special place in my heart.   I ended up volunteering at Anne’s Country Club and became an Assistant trainer,  where I trained  dogs for basic obedience, behaviors and Therapy dogs.  From that point on, I knew I had found my passion for training dogs.  


Years later, I bought my first hunting lab and sent her to a Professional trainer.  It was here that I discovered my true passion for retrievers.  I knew I had to learn as much as possible about this aspect of dog training and have been working daily to grow as a trainer ever since.   Over the last 12 years, I have continued to work with other professionals and watch videos and run hunt tests to expand my knowledge of dog training and to become a better trainer.  


My passion and love for training dogs continues to grow daily.  I am a firm believer that dogs need structure, confidence and to be taught good manners to be a well behaved and well-rounded dog.  We achieve this through obedience which builds confidence and drive. 

Congrats to Cold Creek's Scopin' It Out "Recon" for passing the 2021 Master National in Idaho!

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