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      Lucy was the very first hunting dog I owned.  I purchased her from a breeder in Bristow, OK and instantly fell in love with her.  She was the sweetest, most independent yet stubborn puppy in the world and all she ever could think about was food and retrieving. 

       Lucy and I joined a Hunting Retrieving Club, met some wonderful people who we began training with.  In 2008, we traveled to Kansas City, MO where she ran her first HRC Hunt Test.  From then on, we continued to travel and earn passes for AKC and UKC.  

      In October 2009, she was handled by Todd Mauldin at the Texoma Retriever Club HRC Hunt Test where she earned her SHR title. Lucy and I ran several other hunt tests together and in May of 2013, she earned her AKC JR title in Meeker, OK.   

       Lucy had 2 litters of puppies during her life and was the best mom ever to her pups.  We kept a female from her 2nd litter who has continued the line by having 2 litter of her own.  

       In October of 2017, Lucy was  diagnosed with Laryngeal Paralysis and because of her age and her quality of life, we chose not to do the tie back surgery as it would of been a long recovery and had so many restrictions that we knew Lucy wouldn't be happy.  The following year, Lucy got to go on one last Hunting trip and got to live life to the fullest.  She lost her battle with (Lar Par) in December of 2018.  

      Lucy was a gentle and free spirit.  She had so much life to her and always wanted to please.  A faithful companion who was always by my side and the best hunting partner ever! We were blessed to have such an amazing dog in our lives and her legacy will carry on.  

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